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The Prostate Cancer of the Planet

With timely intervention, both climate change and prostate cancer are eminently detectable, treatable, and manageable, even if not always curable. With denial and delay, on the other hand, we invite greater severity of symptoms, expense, treatment side effects, and likelihood of failure.

The Season of Creation Drives Me Insane

The incongruities revealed by the Season of Creation can drive a person insane. But we can also be driven to “hopeful insanity” — doing things over and over again in the hope of achieving different results. May we all be driven insane together toward a saner, cleaner, greener world!

Take Action for Fair Energy Rates and Affordable Solar Power in Wisconsin!

Two of Wisconsin’s major utilities – Madison Gas & Electric (MGE) and Wisconsin Power & Light (WPL) – have proposed increases in their rates for electricity and natural gas, in addition to significant changes to the rules governing sales of energy back to the grid by rooftop solar users (a process known as net metering). These proposals are a threat to climate justice in Wisconsin… but we have the opportunity to take action now!