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Surviving a Climate Emergency

How can we make sure the United States survives the climate change emergency our society is careening through? We need everybody to recognize that there’s a climate emergency; we need the President to declare an official climate emergency; and we all need to take action.

Why We Need to #ShutDownLine5

We can’t drink oil, we must protect the water, and we must honor the treaties. This is why the Wisconsin DNR must deny Enbridge the permits for Line 5.

Climate Injustice

When those who are least responsible for climate change suffer its gravest consequences . . . and a new NOAA website on HEAT!

Is Carbon Capture and Storage a Scam?

Capturing and storing carbon can sound good. But underneath the greenwashing, it turns out that it’s actually a scheme concocted by the fossil fuel industry that will cost taxpayers and exacerbate the climate crisis.