On December 1, 2020, 350 Madison joined people around the world in celebrating Giving Tuesday, an annual opportunity to tap into the power of human connection, strengthen communities, and change our world. Some 50 members came together for the virtual event whose theme was “Lift All Voices.”

Madison’s fabulous Forward! Marching Band kicked off the event. Bill McKibben delivered a personal message to 350 Madison congratulating us on our achievements and encouraging us to keep up the good work.

We watched the inspiring Lift All Voices video created by 350 Madison’s own Alicia Shoberg. We heard from each of 350 Madison’s campaigns about their accomplishments and their plans for the coming year. Madison poet Heather Swanson shared poems from her new book A Kinship with Ash. We took a tour through some of the powerful activist art created by 350 Madison as part of our fall 2020 GOTV initiative. We recognized 350 Madison volunteers and celebrated Board President Gail Nordheim, winner of the first 350 Madison Leadership Award. And we heard a story about local climate change impact by Carol Phelps, winner of the Climate Story Contest.

Thanks to our many donors, we exceeded our $10,000 goal. These funds will help 350 Madison continue building a strong climate movement in Wisconsin to create a just, healthy, and sustainable future. We are grateful to all who participated and donated, and we offer special thanks to our generous sponsors (see below).

Special message from Bill McKibben to 350 Madison
This year as maybe never before it’s really possible to say you’re doing the most important thing you could be doing in the world right at this moment. Not many people get to say that, but you all do.”

“Lift All Voices” (video by Alicia Shoberg)
It’s more important than ever that marginalized voices be uplifted and everyone joins together.
It’s going to take all of us to protect our planet and our communities.

Complete video of the 350 Madison Giving Tuesday Celebration

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