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Board of Directors and Coordinating Council

Gail Nordheim
Board President, Coordinating Council Member

Gail serves as President of the 350 Wisconsin Board of Directors, as well as Fundraising Team Lead. She strongly believes that fighting for the climate is the most important thing one can do.

Gail held management positions in state and local government and has worked as a management consultant. In her free time, she enjoys reading, bread baking, hiking, Pilates, and being with her three grandchildren.

Tanace Matthiesen
Board Vice President, Coordinating Council Member

Tanace is Vice President of the 350 Wisconsin Board of Directors. Born and raised in Milwaukee, Tanace has lived in Madison since 1977. She has degrees in both Geography and Planning from the UW. Tanace spent her career working in a number of different capacities for the State of Wisconsin, including as a budget analyst for the DNR, a planner at the Coastal Zone Management program at the DOA, and a manager for the eminent domain activities at the DOT. Recently retired, she loves camping, traveling, reading, cooking, spending time with her three children and two grandchildren, and learning how to quilt and draw!

Bill Backes
Board Treasurer

Bill serves as Treasurer of 350 Wisconsin. He is very passionate about climatology and climate change’s impacts on people and mother earth. He is married to Diane, and they have three adult children and two grandchildren. He worked in Respiratory Therapy at UW Hospital for more than 40 years and retired the summer of 2016. He has been very involved with the AFSCME since 1978. He is currently financial manager for AFSCME Local 1942, a delegate to the South Central Federation of Labor, and active with AFSCME retirees. Bill is also on the board of the Wisconsin Coalition of Annuitants where he represents AFSCME state retirees. He is on two church committees, including the Care of Creation Team. This team emphasizes and has studied Pope Francis’s Laudato si’ encyclical. Bill’s faith is a driving force for his environmental and social activism. He volunteers at Schulte Garden, which is part of the Madison Area Food Pantry Gardens. He enjoys walking, gardening, traveling, playing cards (especially Sheepshead), and of course family.

Phyllis Hasbrouck
Coordinating Council Member

Phyllis is 350 Wisconsin’s community organizer. She has been organizing for the environment, peace, and justice since 1974 and doesn’t plan to stop. She is the past director of Fitchburg Fields and the West Waubesa Preservation Coalition, and feels that there is no cause more important than preserving a livable climate. As the Tar Sands Team Lead, she loves meeting and supporting people in frontline communities who are threatened by oil pipelines. Outside of work, she enjoys gardening, dancing, and learning foreign languages.

Kermit Hovey
Board Secretary, Coordinating Council Member

Kermit serves as Board Secretary, Coordinating Council member, Community Climate Solutions (CCST) Team Co-Lead, and CCST Middleton Community Working Group Lead. Kermit’s life work has expressed his Christian faith through building up and sustaining not only the church, but the disadvantaged, as well as the environment (creation) for as long as he can remember. That triple focus converged in 2012 when he became overwhelmingly convinced of society’s failure to sustain a livable climate. In joining the then new Madison chapters of Citizens’ Climate Lobby and, he began a long journey of varied action, advocacy, and effort. From protesting in the streets to lobbying in legislators’ offices, from the state capitol to the U.S. capitol, from public hearings in city halls to testimony in federal administrative meeting rooms, he has advocated for climate action. From coordinating efforts to pass the Middleton Climate Referendum to helping convene secular and faith-based climate events, campaigns, and conferences, he has mobilized, directed, and educated climate advocates. He is grateful for all the individuals and organizations he has had the privilege of leading, collaborating with, and working for in this effort to protect the climate from the ravages of human-caused global warming. In free-time, squeezed too often in-between meetings, he especially enjoys reading, writing, and biking. Kermit perseveres with the ever appreciated support of his wife, Diana, and three adult children: Christine, Joseph, and Cyndi.

Seth Jensen
Coordinating Council Member

Seth has participated in a number of campaigns for climate justice, including the White House sit-ins to stop the Keystone XL pipeline, the follow-up Pledge of Resistance, and related actions combating fossil fuel extraction. A thriving massage therapy practice kept Seth busy until COVID-19 came to Wisconsin. He looks forward to returning to bodywork when the time is right. Meanwhile, he draws inspiration from the examples of feminists like Alice Paul, Angela Davis, and Flo Kennedy.

Kelly Kearns
Coordinating Council Member

Kelly represents the Monthly Meeting Team on the 350 Wisconsin Coordinating Council. Kelly is a botanist with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, coordinating work on invasive plants. She does other social justice and community work, mostly through the James Reeb Unitarian Universalist Congregation. She spends her free time growing vegetables and exploring natural areas.

Kurt Kimber
At-Large Board Member

Kurt has been actively involved with MN350 since 2011 and wants to leverage some of that experience for 350 Wisconsin. He believes that climate change is an existential threat to the biosphere and that civilization needs to radically change to come into sync with the natural world, our home, and do so in a racially just manner. In addition to climate justice activism, Kurt (who lives in Minneapolis with his partner Angie) runs his family’s farm, aspiring to grow plant-based food for local consumption and to have the farm become part of a growing, flourishing local food web.

CJ Koepp
At-Large Board Member

Born and raised in the Driftless Area, CJ serves as an at-large member of the 350 Wisconsin Board of Directors. As Chair of the Wisconsin Student Climate Action Coalition, she organized for climate action, divestment, and environmental justice by coordinating marches, actions, and formal complaints on the UW–Madison campus and in the greater community. She is currently interning at the Environmental Law & Policy Center, where she is leading a research project analyzing statewide low-income solar programs. She graduated in May 2021 from UW–Madison, where she studied Political Science and Environmental Studies with a Certificate in Leadership. She hopes to attend law school in the future to become an environmental attorney. She enjoys painting, reading, hiking, birding, plant rearing, and field trips with her cooperative house!

Emily Park
Coordinating Council Member

Emily represents the Communication Action Team on the 350 Wisconsin Coordinating Council (CC) and is one of the CC reps to the Board. Emily is also involved with the Divest & Defund Team and has participated in multiple actions, including two acts of civil disobedience. Emily works as a Fossil Free Fed Campaign Organizer, splitting her time between 350 Wisconsin and 350 US. Before moving to Madison, she lived in Cleveland, OH, and St. Louis, MO. She graduated from Washington University in St. Louis in 2008 with degrees in Earth & Planetary Science and Environmental Studies. Emily grew up in Boise, ID. In her free time, Emily enjoys reading, knitting, crafting, gardening, hiking, playing needlessly complicated board games, and talking to her cats.


John Greenler
Executive Director

John serves as the Executive Director for 350 Wisconsin. For the past 15 years he has been professionally focused on climate science, outreach, education, and advocacy. This work has included engaging business executives, government leaders and nonprofit representatives to collaborate on the issue of climate. He has also taught multiple undergraduate courses related to climate and clean energy, and managed teams that work at the intersection of science and action. In the past, he directed the Climate and Clean Energy Initiative at the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters. He was also Director of Outreach at the Wisconsin Energy Institute of UW–Madison, and was faculty in the Biology Department at Beloit College. Racial, environmental and climate justice are important concerns for John, and he has been involved in related work through local, regional, and national Quaker organizations. During his free time, he enjoys being outdoors with his wife and two daughters, taking photographs, and playing fingerstyle guitar.

Nikki Darga
Volunteer Coordinator, Business Manager

Nikki is the Volunteer Coordinator and Business Manager at 350 Wisconsin. Nikki comes to 350 with experience coordinating volunteers for a number of nonprofit organizations, including the Henry Vilas Zoo, Habitat for Humanity of Dane County, Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo, and the Dane County Humane Society. While at the Henry Vilas Zoo and Habitat for Humanity, Nikki also discovered a love of working with youth and has experience creating and running new teen programs that focus on career skills, professional development, and introducing young people to careers in the field of nonprofit management and environmental stewardship. Nikki has always had a deep love for animals and wildlife and spends her free moments spending time with her wide variety of pets. She also likes to spend time with other people’s pets and is a certified professional dog trainer. Her other hobbies include reading, learning new things, and playing Dungeons and Dragons with her friends.

Phyllis Hasbrouck
Community Organizer

Phyllis is 350 Wisconsin’s community organizer. She has been organizing for the environment, peace, and justice since 1974 and doesn’t plan to stop. She is the past director of Fitchburg Fields and the West Waubesa Preservation Coalition, and feels that there is no cause more important than preserving a livable climate. As the Tar Sands Team Lead, she loves meeting and supporting people in frontline communities who are threatened by oil pipelines. Outside of work, she enjoys gardening, dancing, and learning foreign languages.

Emily Park
Fossil Free Fed Campaign Organizer

Emily splits her time between 350 Wisconsin and 350 US. For 350 Wisconsin, she helps with communication needs — social media, email blasts, communication strategy, and other needs. For 350 US, Emily is working on the Fossil Free Fed Campaign, which is demanding that President Biden nominate a climate advocate to chair the Federal Reserve System, and that the Fed use its regulatory powers to limit the funding of fossil fuel companies and projects. She recruits local 350 groups and other climate allies to join the campaign, assists them in planning and executing their actions, and helps them expand their membership and capacity.

Stephanie Robinson
Development Director

Stephanie is 350 Wisconsin’s Development Director and manages our fundraising campaigns, events, and grant-writing programs. Stephanie began her career as an environmental planner, directing air quality, transportation, and planning projects for local governments, regional agencies, transportation authorities, and utilities. Stephanie received a master’s degree in City Planning with a Resource Management concentration from the University of Pennsylvania and a BA in Government from Cornell University. She is a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners. In her spare time, Stephanie loves spending time with her family, reading, gardening, hiking, and doing crossword puzzles.

Spring 2022 Interns

Isabel Caballero

Isabel Caballero is a sophomore at UW–Madison majoring in political science and legal studies with a certificate in criminal justice. She was raised in Minnesota, although both of her parents grew up in Mexico. This gives her the privilege of being bilingual. She has always been interested in advocating for climate justice. In the future, she hopes to work in the government and work to push for environmental reform in order to make this world a more sustainable place for everyone who comes after her. She is really excited to get the opportunity to work with 350 Wisconsin as it gives her a real chance to make a change with a great organization!

Maddy Doeden

Maddy Doeden is a sophomore at UW–Madison, studying legal studies and environmental studies with certificates in sustainability and public policy. She has always been motivated to help the environment, and she is passionate about making change, which is why she was drawn to 350 Wisconsin. She is so excited to get involved with such an inspiring and successful organization!

Tillie Moldenhauer

This is Tillie’s second time interning with 350 Wisconsin. Tillie graduated in December from UW–Madison with a BA in communication arts and will be going to law school in the fall. She hasn’t yet decided on which university to attend; however, she does know that she has strong interests in studying environmental law and fighting climate change through a legal lens.

Mia Niu

Xiaokun Niu, who goes by Mia, is an international student at UW–Madison, majoring in economics, environmental studies, and international studies. She is working with our Green Buildings Team at 350 Wisconsin. In the future, she would like to fight climate change by conducting research on environmental sociology. She is super-excited to intern at 350 Wisconsin!

Erica Talajkowski
Erica is a second-year student at UW–Madison, majoring in environmental studies and legal studies. In her future career, she aims to use law to increase sustainability and fight climate change. She is specifically passionate about climate justice and activism in her local community and at global levels.  

Emily Zhang
Emily is a junior at UW–Madison majoring in global health and political science, with certificates in public policy and gender and women’s studies. As an intern with the State Policy Group, she is assisting with projects on state building codes and the Public Service Commission’s Focus on Energy program. Before joining 350 Wisconsin, she spent a year working at the Wisconsin Legislature, and she is excited to be applying what she has learned toward advancing climate justice across the state with the State Policy Group.