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Enbridge, Pipelines, and Horizontal Directional Drilling

By Tess Wadsworth, Sierra Club Project Aide

Right now Enbridge, a Canadian company, operates a pipeline called Line 5 across northern Wisconsin, through the Straits of Mackinac, and through Michigan back to Canada. It carries tar sands products and threatens …

Black History Month Challenges, Encourages All Seeking Justice

By Kermit Hovey

February’s Black History Month challenges and encourages all of us seeking justice, whether in racial, environmental, climate, or other arenas. The stories it calls to our attention teach us that struggle for progress and vigilance to protect …

#RejectLine5: Hearing Testimony

By Cassie Steiner

[Note. The DNR’s public hearing on the Line 5 draft Environmental Impact Statement was held February 2, 2022. The hearing lasted 10 hours, with 147 people testifying in opposition to Enbridge’s proposal and only 20 in