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Tunnel Under the Straits? What Could Possibly Go Wrong?!

By Phyllis Hasbrouck, Tar Sands Team Co-Lead

The Canadian oil pipeline company Enbridge is full of ideas when their spill-prone pipelines are criticized. Maybe you don’t like the fact that their two 69-year-old pipes lying on the bed of the …

Wow! 32,000 Comments to DNR on Line 5!

At the end of the day on April 15, we knew that we had reached a ton of people. For four months, we’d been using every means we knew to let Wisconsinites know that Lake Superior and so much more …

Celebrate and Pursue Major Progress

By Kermit Hovey

There is good news on the climate change front.

No, not the extreme heat wave and diminishing hydropower reserves in China, the drought punctuated by a torrential downpour and flash floods in Houston, or wildfires raging coast …

Surviving a Climate Emergency

by Kermit Hovey

How can we make sure the United States survives the climate change emergency our society is careening through? 

First, it might help if everybody would recognize there is a climate emergency.

This painful reality no longer hides