Do you want Wisconsin to lead the fight against climate change?

State policy affects all of us, no matter where we live in Wisconsin. 
Join us as we push for strong, just climate policies in our state!

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States play an important role in establishing policies to combat climate change. Unfortunately, Wisconsin has very weak climate policies compared to other Midwestern states. Executive branch efforts to strengthen state-level policy have been stymied by the Legislature, whose majority is beholden to fossil fuel interests. Making needed changes will require unrelenting pressure from climate advocates.

Climate-Forward Policy for Wisconsin

350 Wisconsin’s State Policy Team promotes strong, progressive state climate policy. This state-level work complements our rapidly expanding efforts to support local governments in transitioning to renewable energy.

Particular areas of focus for the team include:

  • Building code reform. Commercial and residential buildings are major sources of carbon emissions. We advocate for modernization of Wisconsin’s outdated building codes.
  • Renewable energy infrastructure. We promote statewide efforts to increase solar, wind, and other renewable energy production and to develop a strong and resilient electric grid. We also promote the development of Wisconsin’s network of electric vehicle charging stations.
  • Climate justice. We demand that climate justice be central to the design and implementation of state climate policy. We advocate that resources and funding for climate-related programs be directed to BIPOC and frontline communities that experience the worst impacts of the climate crisis.
  • Green workforce development. Wisconsin’s transition to renewable energy and low-emission technology will depend on a large, highly skilled workforce and must move forward in a just manner. It is essential that we move now to develop this workforce, and that training opportunities be readily available in BIPOC and other traditionally underserved communities and to workers previously employed in the fossil fuel industry.

We bring about change through multiple approaches, including:

  • Engaging with elected officials in both the executive and legislative branches to push for strong climate policies;
  • Mobilizing Wisconsin residents to contact their elected representatives and state agencies on key elements of climate policy;
  • Intervening with the Wisconsin Public Service Commission and other state agencies, encouraging them to take bold climate action within the scope of their authority;
  • Collaborating with communities, industry groups, and other environmental groups to push for strong state climate policy.
We encourage you to join us!