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Speak Out Against Fast-Tracked NWP12 Pipeline Permits!
Communities United by Water

Speak Out Against Fast-Tracked
NWP12 Pipeline Permits!

Does this look like “minimal” impact on the environment?

Imagine learning that a huge oil pipeline will go through your community — and there’s nothing you can do to stop it! The Army Corps of Engineers has been granting Nationwide Permit (NWP) 12 permits to massive oil pipelines by breaking them into imaginary segments, each one small enough to be considered “minimal” in its environmental impact. This is a rubber-stamp approval process, with no project-specific review and no public notice or comment!

The NWP program was created under Section 404 of the Clean Water Act to fast-track the approval of projects with an insignificant effect on the environment, such as boat ramps or mooring buoys. But like so many regulations, this program has been abused to help powerful interests. The NWP 12 program has been used to grant permits to oil and gas pipeline projects with significant cumulative impacts on climate, spill risk, and environmental justice, and it does not begin to meet a standard for adequate Tribal consultation.

Now the Army Corps of Engineers is asking for input on whether it should continue to offer these free passes to oil pipelines. We need to tell them how we feel about these “You can trust us!” permits that let oil and gas pipelines companies regulate themselves.

We know the industry wants to keep the NWP process in place and will be working overtime to have its way. But we have the opportunity to submit our own written comments. Please submit your comments using the Army Corps form before the end of May 27. Find talking points to use in drafting your comments here. Find more information here.

Thank you for helping to protect our precious water!

Save the date!

Communities United by Water

Saturday, June 25

On June 25, Communities United by Water are gathering on the shores of Lake Superior for a day of celebration, learning, eating, music, and more.

Meet the people of northern Wisconsin who are working to protect the water. Learn more about Indigenous culture. Enjoy music, speeches, storytelling, a potluck, and a gifting ceremony. And don’t miss the concert at 6:00 pm!

WHAT: Communities United by Water
WHEN: Saturday, June 25, 2022
WHERE: Bayview City Park, Ashland, WI
CARPOOLING: tinyurl.com/4drm4vuc
LODGING: tinyurl.com/yhtfd2sk
MORE INFO: tinyurl.com/4k4sc4sw

Finally, if you can stick around until Sunday, give back to the Ashland area community by participating in a highway cleanup, then lunch at Copper Falls State Park.