The 350 Wisconsin Art Collective is a group of fun-loving people who are passionate about averting the climate crisis through the use of creative, humorous, and artistic means.

We believe that using the arts in activism provides an effective way to get people’s attention and to inspire, surprise, or at the very least pique curiosity, thus making them more receptive to our message and more likely to take action. We’ve used all sorts of visual art, graphic design, kite-flying, projections, dance, song, and skits/street theater to communicate — and we are always looking for new ideas!

We sometimes plan actions on our own but often participate in national initiatives, supporting 350 Wisconsin’s other campaign teams.

Pssst….!! You don’t have to be an artist to join us!! We can use help in all sorts of roles — there’s a place for everyone! Contact Russ Bennett at for more information or to join us.

And before you go, listen to an interview with Collective members Dianne Brakarsh and Russ Bennett and then take a look at the videos and slideshow of some of our artivism below!

Protect All the Water, 11/28/23


Earth Day Puppet
Flash Mob, 4/22/23


350 Wisconsin at the
Willy St. Fair, 9/17/23


350 Wisconsin at the
Willy St. Fair, 9/18/22


Asking for a Pipeline
Loan, 4/23


Wedding of TarSands &
Chase Bank, 10/23/21


350 Wisconsin
Stayin’ Alive!, 4/23/22


#DefundLine3 Pop-Up
Performance, 7/17/21


Billionaire Bankers for
Big Oil, 10/2/21


Love Song to the Earth: Stop Line 3, 4/2/21


Press Conference with
“Enbridge,” 4/1/21


Critter Parade to the
WI DNR, 4/24/21


Love Song to
the Earth, 10/13/20


Vote! We ARE
all family!, 10/19/20


  • The river and its creatures, Gichi-gami Gathering to Stop Line 3, Duluth, WI, 9/28/19. Photo: Monika Blazs.