Community Climate Solutions

Do you want to make a difference on climate issues?
If so, thanks for thinking globally. Now, join us to act locally!

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350 Wisconsin’s Community Climate Solutions Team creates a livable climate for all by:
  • Helping our region’s governments and institutions set and achieve just, equitable climate goals as fast as possible;
  • Increasing our region’s climate awareness, engagement, and action.

We’re already achieving significant results — see CCST Action Highlights for an overview. With your help, we can do much more.

Acting Local:

Surrounding communities have made climate commitments — we want to help the officials leading these communities fulfill them. Resident support is imperative to shift budget priorities, change current practices, and review all operations with a climate lens.

The Community Climate Solutions Team (CCST) is organized into Community Working Groups that, through a variety of targeted sub-projects, help officials meet their commitments to combat climate change and inform residents about existing problems and solutions.

Our Voices Matter:

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Remember — without you, we’re always one person short of making change happen right here in our communities. Join us in fighting for a livable climate and a clean energy future!

Let the sun power us! (Art by Richard Jones)