Community Climate Solutions

Do you want to make a difference on climate issues?
If so, thanks for thinking globally. Now, join us to act locally!

350 Wisconsin’s Community Climate Solutions Team (CCST) creates a livable climate for all by:

  • Helping our region’s governments and institutions set and achieve just, equitable climate goals as fast as possible;
  • Increasing the climate awareness, engagement, and action of our region’s citizens and residents.

We’re already achieving significant results — see CCST Action Highlights for an overview — and with your help, we can do much more.

Acting Locally

Surrounding communities have made climate commitments — we want to help the officials leading these communities fulfill them. Local resident support is imperative in order to shift budget priorities, change current practices, and review all operations with a climate lens.

The Community Climate Solutions Team is organized into Community Working Groups that, through a variety of targeted sub-projects, help officials meet their commitments to combat climate change and inform citizens about existing problems and solutions.

Our Voices Matter

We recognize that not everyone can commit to regularly volunteering their time for climate action. That’s where our Action Participation List (APL) comes in. When you join the APL, our Community Working Groups will contact you about actions that they’ve identified that are quick and easy but can have a big impact on local officials’ decision making. It only takes a few minutes, and we won’t clog your inbox!

Remember — without you, we’re always one person short in making change happen right here in our community. Join us in fighting for a livable climate and a clean energy future!

Let the sun power us! (Art by Richard Jones)