We in 350 Madison are taking the coronavirus pandemic very seriously, and we urge everyone to adhere to critical public health advisories at this difficult time. “Flattening the curve”  by social distancing is essential to keep our health care system from becoming overwhelmed.

In line with this, we are canceling all in-person actions, meetings, and other gatherings until the crisis passes. In the near term, this means that our Earth Day action parade and Extinction Rebellion’s Procession of All Beings must be postponed, along with preparatory events such as community art builds.

Does social distancing mean we’ll stop organizing? No! First of all, we’ll continue to have organization-wide and team meetings using Zoom, a remote conferencing service. In addition, we’ll let you know about meaningful actions we can all take without leaving home. For example:

  • We can sign petitions such as this one asking Governor Evers and the DNR to decommission and remove — not reroute — Enbridge’s Line 5.
  • We can make signs, banners, costumes, and other artwork for use at future climate strikes, marches, and other actions (contact  Phyllis Hasbrouck at Phyllis.Hasbrouck@350madison.org).
  • We can follow Greta’s suggestion to join a digital strike by posting a photo of ourselves on social media with the hashtag #climatestrikeonline.
  • We can keep up on climate news and write letters to the editor and/or op-eds for publication in area news outlets (contact Emily Park at Emily.Park@350madison.org). The coronavirus crisis — and the radical measures being taken to address it — present opportunities to help the public better understand the climate emergency and the scope of needed action.
  • And of course we can donate to 350 Madison to keep all our good work going!

These are just a few initial ideas. In the days ahead, we’ll keep you posted on additional opportunities for meaningful action. To stay connected, make sure you’ve signed up for our email list and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

We’ll leave you with this beautiful and soothing  piece of art by Ricardo Levins Morales titled “What to Do in a Pandemic: Our Cousins Know.” Stay in touch, keep safe, and be well!

Original mixed media illustrations by Ricardo Levins Morales