By Janette Rosenbaum

Corporations should not be allowed to take our land for their own profit.

That’s a conclusion reached by Tim Jensen, whose land may be taken by a corporation for its own profit.

Tim is just one of the landowners profiled by our partner, the Wisconsin Safe Energy Alliance, in its series of 12 short videos. The videos seek to call attention to Enbridge’s attempts to seize Wisconsinites’ property for its own benefit, and to raise awareness of the landowners’ bravery in fighting back.

Some of the landowners are now serving as plaintiffs in the case of Enbridge v. Dane County. They are using their unique position as neighbors of Enbridge’s pipelines to demand that our courts enforce the insurance requirement that 350 Madison fought for. They were victorious in the appeals court, winning a ruling that ordered Enbridge to go back to the county zoning board and get a new permit.

But in a surprising and alarming twist, Wisconsin’s Supreme Court has agreed to review the case. As 350 Madison wrote in a recent op ed, it looks as though the justices plan to strike down the insurance requirement as a way of repaying the special interests that helped put them on the bench.

Enbridge should not be allowed to take our land for its own profit. Enbridge should not be allowed to build pipelines without having proper insurance. You can help pressure the Supreme Court to reach the same conclusion. Start by watching Tim’s video – it’s just three minutes long. Then watch—and share—the rest of the series. A new profile will be uploaded each week through the end of the year.

Finally, consider making a contribution to 350 Madison to continue our work. Together, we can build a movement to support these landowners and tell Enbridge that it’s not welcome in anyone’s backyard.