These videos document some of the street theater and flashmob events created and led by the Art Collective and joined by many others both within and outside 350 Wisconsin.

Earth Day Puppet
Flash Mob, 4/22/23


350 Wisconsin at the
Willy St. Fair, 9/17/23


350 Wisconsin at the
Willy St. Fair, 9/18/22


Asking for a Pipeline
Loan, 4/23


Wedding of TarSands &
Chase Bank, 10/23/21


350 Wisconsin
Stayin’ Alive!, 4/23/22


#DefundLine3 Pop-Up
Performance, 7/17/21


Billionaire Bankers for
Big Oil, 10/2/21


Love Song to the Earth: Stop Line 3, 4/2/21


Press Conference with
“Enbridge,” 4/1/21


Critter Parade to the
WI DNR, 4/24/21


Love Song to
the Earth, 10/13/20