There’s a climate solution right under your feet.

There is more carbon stored in the soil than in all the Earth’s plants and atmosphere put together, and we can draw more out of the atmosphere and into the ground by following land management practices that are not just sustainable, but regenerative. By protecting and restoring our lands and waters, we can sequester one third of the carbon needed by 2030 to prevent global temperatures from rising more than 2 degrees Celsius.

Source: The Nature Conservancy, “Natural Climate Solutions

The Regenerative Land Relations team believes in restoring our relationships to the lands and waters around us to be something mutually beneficial, rather than viewing them as resources to be used and exploited. We use education, outreach, and advocacy to protect and restore local ecosystems, allowing them to retain and sequester carbon dioxide. We aim to make Wisconsin a model in showcasing the major positive impacts that regenerative agriculture, urban sprawl reduction, agrivoltaics, and other climate-friendly and equitable land management practices can have.

Currently, our efforts include visiting and highlighting Wisconsin farms that practice regenerative agriculture, hosting educational documentaries on the multi-beneficial powers of restorative land management, and advocating for a more climate-resilient (and farmer-friendly) Farm Bill. We are also looking to expand our toolkit of natural climate solutions.

Interested in repairing our relationship to the land and spreading the adoption of nature-based solutions to counter the climate crisis? Come join our team! Email for more information.