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Pipelines, Climate Change, and Union Workers

By Tanace Matthiesen and Phyllis Hasbrouck

The pipeline industry offers (a limited number of) high-paying, unionized jobs that are understandably prized by workers. However, climate change, created by the burning of fossil fuels, is a huge threat to all jobs. …

All About Resistbot

By Seth Jensen

Climate action and effective political engagement are often difficult. 

 For example, have you ever signed a petition and then thought to yourself, “I’d like to do more for that cause”? Have you ever been asked to send

Middleton Budget, Plans Implement Significant Climate Action

By Kermit Hovey

The City of Middleton recognizes climate change as a real and serious problem and is committed to addressing the crisis. The Middleton Community Working Group (CWG) of 350 Madison’s Community Climate Solutions Team works with staff and

Ten Thoughts About the Car-Free Challenge

By Robin Greenler

[Robin Greenler took part in 350 Madison’s Car-Free for the Climate fundraiser, which challenged participants to make a commitment to go car-free and promote more sustainable modes of transportation for some period of time between September