Happy Earth Week, everyone! We would like to invite you to celebrate our beautiful planet in this uncertain time with us. While we can’t gather in person, we can still play along together in new and old ways — join us for a game of virtual bingo!

On each slot is an action you can take to celebrate our planet and our ongoing legacy of environmental activism with the Madison-area chapter of the Youth Climate Action Team and 350 Madison. Some actions are specific to campaigns, invitations to further involvement, or simple ways of reconnecting with the world around us. Let us know you’re playing by tagging Youth Climate Action Team and 350 Madison Climate Action Team on Facebook! Fill 5 slots and shoot us a message online and we’ll send you a free PDF of the Climate Resistance Handbook by Daniel Hunter, a lifelong activist, Associate Director, and Global Trainer with 350.org!

First row:
  • B: Write a letter to the editor concerning climate change. Email the 350 Madison Communication Action Team for more information on how to write a home-run letter.
  • I: Learn whose ancestral lands you’re on, and how to say the name of where you live in another language! Share this knowledge with the people around you — the place where we live has been in relationships with people for thousands of years. For land, language, and treaty maps, try this site.
  • N: Invite a friend to the 12 Minutes at 12 Noon Interfaith Meditation on Earth Day.
  • G: Check in with a neighbor or an elderly person in your life.
  • O: Follow NextGen on Facebook to stay up to date on Get Out the Vote measures! Follow them here.
Second row:
  • B: Have your household go meatless for a day!
  • I: Join 350 Madison’s mailing list by signing up here.
  • N: Donate $5–$25 to YCAT or 350 Madison. Send YCAT a message here for more donation details, or check out 350 Madison’s donation page.
  • G: Attend one of 350 Madison’s Earth Day virtual events, found here.
  • O: Participate in the Cut the Chase Challenge with 350 Madison’s Divest and Defund campaign! Find more details here.
Third row:
  • B: Grab a bag and head outside to take a walk and pick up trash.
  • I: Have a conversation with someone unexpected about climate change.
  • N: Learn what district you’re in, who your representatives are, and write down their contact information somewhere for safekeeping. Learn more here.
  • G: Plant something in a garden, a pot on your windowsill, or somewhere else!
  • O: Attend YCAT’s Earth Day Livestream Event at 6pm on Wednesday, April 22. More details here.
Fourth row:
  • B: Create a piece of artwork about Earth Day and share it with friends and on social media.
  • I: Check out Sierra Club and 350 Madison’s Tar Sands campaign here.
  • N: Find the water body that’s nearby or closest to your house and sit quietly for 15 minutes.
  • G: Start a compost pile at your house. Learn more here.
  • O: Create a garden design for West High School! For more details, please email nlesieutre@icloud.com or message the Instagram account In_Pursuit_Of_Sunshine!
Fifth row:
  • B: Join one of 350 Madison’s campaigns towards a Just Transition. Learn more about our campaigns here.
  • I: Read and share one of the articles posted on 350 Madison’s Facebook page.
  • N: Join a Sunrise Movement crash course here.
  • G: Learn who your specific municipalities are and join a local committee! Learn more here.
  • O: Find, read, and share a poem about nature that resonates with you.