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The Fight Is Not Over

By Peter Anderson, 350 Madison



After a 3-year-long fight, the Enbridge pipeline company received its final permit from Dane County for its Waterloo pumping station in the town of Medina on Thursday.

This doesn’t mean the fight is over. …

Good Bike Infrastructure Is a Simple Way to Reduce Emissions

By Harry Bennett, 350 Madison

Bicycles produce no greenhouse gas emissions!

I have been convinced for years of the viability of bicycle transportation and its possibilities of being one of the simplest and most elegant strategies to reduce carbon emissions from transportation. In 2008 I started …

We Can All Be Climate Activists, No Matter Where We Live

By Janette Rosenbaum, 350 Madison



Environmental activists are often criticized for driving, flying, being on the grid, or otherwise engaging in less than saintly behavior, environmentally speaking. Our failure to live a zero-carbon lifestyle is used as evidence that we’re …